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What is ECOSE Technology®,
Master of four elements?

ECOSE Technology® by Knauf Insulation is binder technology used to produce mineral wool insulation for your home. We use materials from nature and combine them with high percentage of recycled content – to get sustainable insulation products which provide:

ECOSE Technology® by Knauf Insulation – Your reliable & trustworthy Partner in mastering four elements in your living space.

ECOSE Technology® helps you bring nature to your home!

Learn how ECOSE Technology® controls the
4 elements of nature

Fire Protection

Did you know that it takes only 3 minutes for fire to catch a room completely?*

Thermal Insulation

Is your home hot in summer and gets even hotter as soon as you turn off the air conditioning? *Source: Fire Safe Europe “EUROPE IS PLAYING WITH FIRE” / FSEU-03.12.2014.

Indoor Air Quality

Before the pandemic, people used to spend as much as 90% of their time indoors!

Sound Insulation

Did you know that at least 20% of Europeans in urban areas are exposed to high levels of external noise pollution such as traffic, trains, industrial works, or construction drilling?

Vapour Permeability

Do you feel more comfortable in cotton/wool/linen fabrics, or in synthetic ones?

Moisture Protection

Why is it important for a house to breathe?

Environmentally Friendly

Are you also thinking more and more about the environment, human impact on it, recycling, sustainable development, and what small things you can do to treat the planet better?


The insulation we are providing comes from nature and looks like nature!

ECOSE Technology®, a no added formaldehyde binder innovation, was a significant step change for the mineral wool industry when it was launched by Knauf Insulation more than 10 years ago.
Our Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology® is made without the addition of any acrylics or artificial dyes. Brown color came out naturally from the production process.
Our products with ECOSE Technology® have been awarded the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certificate by Eurofins as low emitting products and are certified according to EUCEB quality standards. This also contributes to a healthier manufacturing environment as our products are manufactured without adding formaldehyde, as well as to a healthier home. Watch video
Glass mineral wool with ECOSE Technology® was very recently awarded DECLARE certificate – issued by an independent international body which guarantees that product is analyzed in details and contains no harmful or unhealthy chemicals from the Red list of the International institute for living future. Watch video
During a 50 year lifecycle, ECOSE Technology® product will typically save over 100 to 450 times more carbon than it was used in its manufacture and 500 times more energy than was needed to produce it – depending on final application and technology (glass or rock mineral wool).
enviroment friendly

Let's bring nature into your home!


ECOSE Technology® in your attic

You don’t use your attic, or you use it only sometimes as a storage space? You have a feeling that all the heat from your home goes through the ceiling? Well, if it is not properly insulated, you are completely right! Up to 30% of energy can go through an uninsulated ceiling. This can easily be solved: just put some mineral wool with ECOSE Technology® on your attic floor and immediately increase the comfort of the space you live in, while decreasing your energy bills at the same time! Learn more about attic insulation


ECOSE Technology® in your roof

Do you have the unused space below your roof that you would like to convert to living space? Or you already live in a loft, but it is unbearably hot in summer and freezing cold in winter? In any case, proper insulation of your roof with ECOSE Technology® is essential! Learn more about roof insulation


ECOSE Technology® in your partition walls

Noisy kids or pets in the other room? A bit of sound insulation in those partition walls would help! There is special ECOSE Technology® mineral wool for this purpose. Learn more about partition wall insulation


ECOSE Technology® in your external walls from inside

There is some insulation in your external walls, but you don’t think it’s enough? Or there is no insulation in your external walls and no way you can put it from the outside since you live in a high-rise building? Good for you – we have a solution. It is called wall lining and is performed by – guess what! ECOSE Technology® mineral wool. Learn more about external wall insulation

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ECOSE Technology® by Knauf Insulation?